It’s fall! Time to get your scarves and anti-depressants out!

If fall is a time of transition then I guess that I’ll use that as my excuse. Otherwise what could possess a 32-year-old woman to quit her job to start a blog about s’mores? Actually I haven’t had a job for a while. Also actually I mainly spend my days nagging my husband and fretting over whether to watch another episode of Orange is the New Black or to hold myself accountable and show some fucking self restraint. The s’mores thing is just a side gig.

To be honest I’m mostly happy, and extremely lucky but I found myself wondering what my nitch was, my thing – should I make my own jewelry or start an all organic, hemp, low sodium, vegan, BGH free, water resistant line of bacon-covered bath products. Pork is good for the skin! Unfortunately wives of actors and D-list child TV stars have the jewelry market monopolized (yes wife of Matt Damon – I TOO could have a successful jewelry line if I’d nailed down one of the biggest stars in Hollywood) but I realized that what the world needs is more compassion, which I have a lot of, and more s’mores.

S’mores need no introduction, if you’re unfamiliar with them then look that shit up on Wikipedia and get back to me – fucking commie.

Because s’mores should be easy, and because cooking is for gay men in downtown condos and southern women with racism issues, ALL of the recipes contained within this blog will be simple and easily creatable in front of a REAL LIVE campfire, or stoned in front of your microwave.

Caramel Apple S’more

– Granny Smith Apple

– Caramel Dipping Sauce

– Marshmallow

– Cinnamon Graham Cracker

Spread one ½ of your graham cracker with caramel dipping sauce. Cut two thin slices of apple and add them on top. Toast or microwave your marshmallow, place it on top of the apple slices, and cover with the other ½ graham cracker. Hey-yo fall is in the air. Grab a pumpkin beer and enjoy! Caramel Apple S'more


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